Who is Louise?

A twenty-something year old stay-at-home-mum to two kids and two French Bulldogs. Lucky to live in a very beautiful part of North Devon.

A kept woman. A home-maker. Engaged to Ryan.

Lover of the outdoors, good food, Yoga and the Nineties. A bit of a bookworm. Self-proclaimed coffee, subscription, instagram and Dunelm Mill addict.

Overly curated. Wants to see more of the world.

Others mentioned in this blog:

First born. A little Friday 13th Monster. Born June 2014 on a full moon.

Second born. A little mermaid. Born at home in water, September 2016.

The better half. The fiancé. Est. 2010.

A 5 year old French Bulldog; impersonator of pigs, bats and gremlins. Lover of duvet days and all things edible.

The newest French Bulldog addition, with a taste for expensive shoes, sofa cushions and apparently, his own shit.

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