This Month I’m… Planning Parties, Donning Marigolds & Becoming Quite The Bookworm

This month, I’m already two days behind on posting this and that’s because I’m under the weather. The kids have had it, the Other Half has had it and it seems I could evade it no longer.

This month, I’m ill. I feel like I have razor blades in my throat and my head feels like a big, puffy, pounding marshmallow. I’m never ill. This is shit.


So, as well as feeling sorry for myself and nursing myself back to good health, this month I’m…

… nervously awaiting to hear back about the outcome from the second round of school admissions.

After not getting offered a place for Travis at any of our top three choices of schools, we decided to up and move 11 miles (back to my home village) and reapply for completely different schools.


… planning Travis’ 4th Birthday party.

We’re going to throw a big bash at his nursery (owned by my mother) and invite all of his nursery friends. I actually had my own 4th birthday party in the exact same building (before mother owned it). Pretty awesome huh?! I remember it so well. There were so many of my friends there and my mum made me the most amazing Sleeping Beauty Castle cake! I’m so excited to start planning this.


… going to get more organised with the day to day cleaning of the home.

No longer will I let it get on top of me. I’ve even joined a Facebook group (lol), that’s how committed I am. (This will fail I’m sure but for now, I’ll stay positive).


… nailing my Good Reads Reading Challenge.

At the beginning of the year, I made a resolution that I would read more. After managing a total of one and a half books the previous year, I thought that fifteen books would be a decent challenge. Which looks totally naff next to my friend’s eighty book challenge. Nevertheless, I’ve so far completed 33% of my challenge for 2018 by finishing five books (soon to be six). I’m 3/4 of the way through ‘The Unmumsy Mum Diaries’ (pretty funny actually) and I’ll be picking up Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy’ next.


… welcoming the warmer weather with wide open (pale AF) arms.

C’mon Summer! After enduring snow in March, I’m done with being cold. The weather has been a bit shite so far this year. I’m over the thick jumpers and layered looks. For the first time since in over 4 years I’m somewhat beach-body ready I’m itching to pull out the flip-flops!


… continuing with my weight loss.

I’m so close to losing 2 stone! And then it’s just 1 stone to go! I am loving the difference in my health, physically and mentally – I’m not loving that all of my pants are now too big for me. Time to go shopping!

So apart from despising the cold weather in May, worrying about school admissions and spending my days chasing out the dust bunnies, I have a good stack of unread books and an awesome birthday party to plan. Fingers crossed, it should be a good month 🙂


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