Our Slovenia Trip in Pictures – Wedding Planning and More

This was our first time visiting Slovenia and we’re already eager to go back.

We only went for two nights but we were child-free and it was absolute bliss. We’re looking at going back next month, with the kids this time. And for longer.

Why Slovenia?

Well, we’re planning to get married on Lake Bled this time next year, so it seemed the perfect time to go out, see the venues and meet with our wedding planners.

We stayed in a brand new, modern apartment in the center of Ljubljana, which is a beautiful little city and completely pedestrianised apart from the odd delivery van in the early hours. The buildings are outstanding and have so much character about them. I took way too many photos of buildings.

We only ate out.

We found a fabulous place along the river to eat both evenings (it was so good the first time, we had to go back again). Our restaurant of choice was called Zlata Ribica and the tables outside were covered by large umbrellas with a heater under each and blankets on every chair. This meant that you could eat there whatever the weather – we had torrential rain and thunderstorms the second night we ate there.

Meeting with the wedding planners.

We’re booking our wedding through Primivera Bled with a lovely lady called Agni. It was so nice to finally meet Agni after exchanging emails and Skype calls over the last 6 months.

On Thursday (our second day in Slovenia), we took the 40 minute drive from Ljubljana to Bled in our hire car where we met with Agni in the lobby of Grand Hotel Toplice before taking a short drive down to the docks. We hopped on a Pletna boat and were taken to view our first venue; The Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary on Bled Island.

I have never stepped foot inside a more beautiful church. I simply cannot wait to get married there.

The next venue was Bled Castle. They’re currently having major work done on the castle so we didn’t get to see it all but what we did get to see of it was exquisite. We’ll be having our reception there.

The weather wasn’t the greatest on the Thursday so we came back to Bled the following day (after grabbing brunch in Ljubljana and seeing some more of the city) to see the lake under clear skies. We weren’t flying until 4pm anyway so we had lots of time to kill. With the sun shining, the lake was quite simply, one of the most beautiful views I think I’ve ever seen. After pondering the previous day whether or not we should move our wedding to the month of May, we decided to stick to April.

Another of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen; The Alps from a plane window.



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