This Month I’m… Eating My Body Weight In Chocolate & Flying Abroad

Happy Easter!

It’s April already and we’ve got a busy month ahead of us.

This is where I make a little note of everything I have planned for the month. I love writing these, they’re a great way of getting me excited for the month ahead. And, my goodness, what a great month April is going to be!

This Month I’m…

… Enjoying Easter with Ryan’s side of the family. I’ll be treating myself to a little chocolate but not too much! I’ve just managed to lose a total of 21lbs and I’m determined to keep it off!

… A gym member! Yeah baby! I now do 2 BodyBalance and 1 Yoga class per week. I also squeeze in a half hour run in the gym before each class.

… Getting around 6 or 7 inches chopped off of my hair. I’m going for the long choppy bob look, just in time for summer 🙂 I love having long hair, but with the active lifestyle I’m now living, having a shorter style will be much more practical for me.

… Finding out which school Travis got into. I’m hoping we got our first choice. It’s the only one that we put down that we’re in the catchment area for so it’s highly likely. It’ll make for lovely walks from the school in the afternoons as we would pass through the park, stop for a play and grab a Hockings icecream on our way home.

… Celebrating mine and Ryan’s 8 year anniversary. Holy moly. 8 years! What an amazing 8 years of highs and lows, ups and downs, adventures and journeys. My love for him grows with each year that goes by and a year from now, we’ll be making it official!

Flying to Slovenia with Ryan. We’re going for two nights to meet with our wedding planners and visit our chosen wedding venues!


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