Pinterest, AColorStory and Magic Nails – March Favourites

Welcome to my new series of monthly blog posts: Monthly Favourites.

These will replace my Seasonal Favourites posts, of which I only have two to date. It was winter’s post that made me realise that a monthly post would be better. Who wants to read about Christmas in February anyway?!

My Little Loves will consist of any and everything that I have particularly loved over the last month from what I’ve been watching on the telly box to what I’ve been putting on my skin.

What have I been loving this month?

This particular board is from Amazon for just £16.

How did they only get away with making 7 episodes?! I need more! I love the way this series is shot. If you haven’t watched this yet, you must!

He’s the guy that sings “Water Baby”. The rest of his music is just as good! I love discovering new artists and Tom Misch is definitely my new favourite discovery.

I know I’m very late to the party but I have finally started actively using Pinterest. And I LOVE it. Follow me on Pinterest!

This app is my absolute favourite when it comes to editing my photos. Taking and editing photos using my phone has never been easier. The Instagram Grid feature is fantastic for planning my feed in advance and allows me to make sure that everything flows nicely and looks attractive – This has a massive impact on whether or not people decide to hit that “Follow” button.

I honestly thought that ship had sailed. Ya know, being nearly 30, my shop of choice is normally Next.

BUT since losing over a stone, I was feeling confident. I grabbed the first outfit that caught my eye, all in a size 10(!) and went off to try it on. And this was the result! A very very happy Lou with a whole new outfit, shoes and bag included, curtesy of the darling other half.


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